Remote runners: Want to do this race, but can's make it to San Francisco?   You can participate in our Remote/Virtual option and run the miles where ever you are!  Click the registration link below and you have until June 30th to complete your miles.  Submit results to Rd@Tracy's Medals will be mailed out the first week of July. :) 

Has it really been a year already? Tracy's Fat Ass #2 will be returning this year the day after the San Francisco Marathon on Monday, June 17th. NorCal's most awesomely cool runners will all be there. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this race! We will also be having a celebration to honor Tony Nguyen (aka Endorphin Dude) for completing his 100th Marathon! 

We originally planned to keep this event by invitation only, in order to keep costs down and be able to keep this "fat ass style" (free), but we have received so many requests from runners who also want to invite family and friends. Therefore, we have decided to make this event public and are asking runners to please contribute a small donation of $20 to help offset some of the expenses of the permit, insurance, aid station food and supplies, and medals. If you don't care about bling or results, then you may "bandit" Tracy's Fat Ass for free; we just ask that all runners, registered and bandits, please contribute something to the aid station to share with other runners. Out of town runners who are not able to donate food to the aid station may send a monetary donation via PayPal, and we will purchase food for you and bring it to the race for you. 

This year we will be offering Marathon, Half Marathon and 4.5 mile (Ultra 5k) distance options to choose from. A little something for everyone, especially those of you who aren't sure what the hills will be like the day before at the SFM. You can just register for any distance and inform the race director on race morning if you choose to upgrade or downgrade. How cool is that? :) 

This is a Fat Ass run - which means no whining, no t-shirts, and the aid station will be pot luck style.   You MIGHT get a medal ... depending on your attitude :-)

We can't wait to see everyone! This race is where it all started. Thank you so much for all your love and support of Tracy's Racing! It's been a funtastic year! :)


Lake Merced, San Francisco, CA.  Course Map


Monday June 17th, 2013

8am start 


This is a relatively flat 4.475 mile loop course around Lake Merced.  It is a popular running spot in San Francisco.  The course is a paved bike path with dirt shoulders.  

*Note - These are spinner medals and the neck ribbons vary in color and the clamp is silver and matches the medals. (the clamp in this picture is gold and does not match). Medals for the remote option will have 2013 on them, and will specify the distance you registered for. (Separate medals and different colored neck ribbons for each distance for those crazy runners that want to register for more than one distance :)