Here is a summary of the event in a nutshell, but read on below for more details from Race Director Tracy.
  • What30/30 challenge - 30 minutes of activity 30 consecutive days.
  • When: Starting now! (registration closes when we sell out of finisher's medals). 
  • Cost: $40 with bling or free on FB without bling (once you register you are in for as long as you desire).
  • Where: Everywhere! Get your friends and family to join!
  • Beneficiary: Senior Centers, Rest Homes and Boys and Girls clubs (read RD Tracy's message for details)
Message from Race Director Tracy

Welcome! We have a GREAT Challenge and we hope that you join us! Our goal here is simple. Do any activity for 30 minutes for 30 consecutive days (30/30 challenge).   We challenge you to get out of your comfort-zone box and challenge yourself. It is harder than it sounds. Every day for 30 days. Think you can do it? Trust me, this takes practice. If you have NEVER done this type of challenge before, chances are it will take some trial and error. That's okay! New habits take time to create. If you get through a few days and miss a day, you are not "out," you just dust yourself off and start over on day one. Oh, one last thing: We would ask that you please take a picture of your activity (preferably with you doing it, if possible). Document this journey! This is going to be fun! (We are going to use a particular # for those using instagram and are interested in linking photos). 

This challenge was inspired by my friend "Go Shiggy Go" (youtube it if you want more info or FB friend request him; he's a great guy and very personable. In fact, he himself has also agreed to join us on this adventure). Our challenge is very similar to "Go Shiggy Go", difference being, we are going to do this in a group setting together to motivate, encourage, and inspire each other. We will be asking you to post pictures of your activity to our FB group page where we will be raffling off various prizes. Oh and this event (as all of Tracy's Racing's events) ends in BLING! This medal is going to be super super cool. We will be going over the design of it on our Facebook event pageOnce you register, the Medal is YOURS! All you have to do is EARN it and we will be there encouraging you every step of the way. It might take a few rounds to get the whole 30 days straight in, but that's ok because there is NO cutoff. Once you register the challenge is open for YOU! :) Want to do the challenge, but low on cash or don't care about the Finisher's Medal? That's perfectly fine! Just hop on over to the Facebook event page and join in on the fun! We REALLY want everyone to do this with us! We feel it WILL Change YOUR life! ;)

We've done it before.  A 30 day challenge.  We ended up doing the bare minimum: 1 mile walk every night. It wasn't challenging or inspiring.  The problem is boredom and lack of adventure! This is where we come in! Join our Facebook event page where our ambassadors will lead you through a different challenge every day so you can try new things. You can do the daily challenge we have set, or you can do your own activity. The rules aren't strict, just do any activity that you enjoy doing and post a photo. All we ask is that you make a goal to at least try a few activities that you don't normally do. You never know, you might find love in something you had no idea you would enjoy! 

Some of the activities we would like to see include:
  • Yoga (try Bikram for something really different)
  • Gardening (fresh veggies are one of the best gifts you can give yourself and family)
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Sex - Yes we said it. It's really NOT a bad word. There are so many physical, physiological and psychological benefits to being intimate with your partner. Having a regular loving sex life is one of the easiest ways to encourage longevity. Yes we will live longer and healthier lives by having SEX! Wednesdays aka "hump day" activities will be encouraged :)   
  • Burpees (Google it) 
  • Planks (Try 60 seconds!)
  • Golf
  • Frisbee 
  • Walking 
  • Hackysack
  • Pull ups
  • Capture the flag
  • Try anything!  

OH, and one of the BEST parts about this challenge? You can feel good about where your registrations monies are going! Our Fitness Challenge Team, in several states and growing, are going out to promote health and wellness in our communities. Our Mission is to go to Senior Centers, Rest homes and Boys and Girls clubs, where our Ambassadors are going to lead these groups in physical activity for 30 minutes. We have offered to purchase exercise equipment, buy post workout treats and rewards for these kids and seniors with the proceeds. Our local Fitness Ambassadors already went out to facilities in our community and the response was awesome! Some of these facilities were looking for a program just like ours and are excited for us to come and get their clients moving in some low-impact and fun exercises. Just another way that we try to give back and change the lives of those in our communities. (If you are interested in becoming a "Fitness Challenge Ambassador" in your area please email the Race Director for more info as we would LOVE to see this replicated nationwide).

Trust us, this is going to be one of the most fun events you have ever done! Doing a new and interesting activity will challenge your heart, mind and soul. Let this challenge be more of a spiritual one than a physical one, by using rest/recovery days to do something fun! We want you to explore the world, play like a kid, dance in the rain, play in the mud, climb a tree, jump on a trampoline, meditate. Make time for YOU, because YOU deserve it! Any activity, 30 minutes for 30 days! Who's in?