October 15th 2012
Start time 8am

     Feeling left out because your name didn't get chosen to run the Nike Women's Marathon? Any guys feeling left out or wishing there was a Men's Marathon too? Or how about those of you CRAZY runners that DID get into the Nike Women's Marathon and just can't get enough? Any runners from out of town wishing they could get another marathon in before heading back home? And...for those of you who have some of your sanity left and are only "half crazy" not to fear we have you covered! 

Bill McCarty's 65th Marathon on his 65th Birthday! 
Marathon #1 Start time 5am 
Marathon #2 Start time 12 noon

By popular demand: Tracy's Racing presents: Bill McCarty's 65th Marathon on his 65th Birthday! Yes you read right! Bill is going to be completing his 65th Marathon on his 65th Birthday! How cool is that?? Birthday Celebration! Let's all come out and celebrate Bill McCarty becoming an "old farty" at the men's AND women's marathon!  During the men's AND women's, Bill will be starting marathon #64 at 5am, and starting marathon #65 at noon.  Those of you wanting to participate in a double marathon on Monday to be a part of this epic event, please click on the contact us link for more information.  This is going to be epic!!

Lake Merced, San Francisco, CA.  Course Map
Monday October 15th, 2012
8am start 
half marathon: $35 through 9/30, $40 through race day
full marathon $40 through 9/30, $45 through race day
Medals will be provided to all finishers
Other Details:
Bib pickup will be on race day at the start/finish line 15 minutes prior to race start

As with all of Tracy’s Racing events, you can expect a warm, welcoming group of runners striving to achieve the same goal: becoming better runners.

Tracy’s Racing welcomes and encourages runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. 

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