If you would like to send a check, a card, magazines, books, toys, games, gift cards etc. to be sent to the victims please mail them to Tracy's Racing po box 2312 Manteca Ca 95336
click here if you are interested in joining our other event  Hearts and Soles For Boston

As the events of the Boston Marathon unfolded, our hearts go out to the runners, spectators, families, friends, staff and first responders who witnessed this horrific scene. While we can't bring back life or take the pain away from those suffering, we can help.
Our event, "Heart and Soles for Boston" was a remote race to raise funds to send care packages to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Our first care packages are going out on 4/30/13 and we will continue to send them out and encourage others to send care packages as well. We thank everyone who has helped make this a huge success! 

Please click the "donate" button to help us continue to offer support. We would also encourage you to join our facebook page in which we have invited victims and supporters. This is where we will be posting pictures of the care packages and gifts that we will be sending the victims. We really appreciate the outpouring of support and we will continue this effort as long as we possibly can. 
100% of the monies donated will be used for this cause. Thank you again for your generosity!