Crazy 8: Spring Edition: Sunday March 24 - Sunday March 31, 20
                                                                                   Start Time 8am

Eight, Ocho, Ba, Octo, Otto, Acht, Oito, Huit, Osam
No matter how you say it - eight is a lot of races! Especially when they are back to back.  8 days, 8 races!!   Can you take the heat? Oh, if that's NOT enough, there is an April Fool's Day race the following day if anyone has lost their mind and wants to do 9 in a row. 

Single race day option available as well for those who haven't "quite" lost it!

Lake Merced, San Francisco, CA.  Course Map (per

8am start
Crazy 1 - Sunday, March 24, 2013
Crazy 2 - Monday, March 25, 2013
Crazy 3 - Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Crazy 4 - Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Crazy 5 - Thursday, March 28, 2013
Crazy 6 - Friday, March 29, 2013
Crazy 7- Saturday, March 30, 2013
Crazy 8- Sunday, March 31, 2013

  • Half and full marathon all 8 days.
  • 5K, 10K, and 50K on weekends only.
  • There is an April Fool's Day half and full marathon the following day if anyone has lost their mind and wants to do 9 in a row.
Distance Early Price  After March 3  Race Day
 5K  $15  $20  $25
 10K  $20  $25  $30
 Half  $30  $35  $40
 Full  $40  $45  $50
 50K  $50  $55  $60
 8 halfs  $210  $245  $280
 8 fulls  $280  $315  $350

Cant make it to San Francisco?  Remote race option available - Click Here


Custom designed Finisher's Medals will be provided to all finishers.  Special bling to those who complete 4 races (any distance combination). And a VERY VERY special finisher's award to those who are CRAZY enough to do all 8 (any distance combination) :)

If you register for the all 8 races (you can mix and match distances as long as you complete 8 races in 8 days) you will receive custom designed pool ball finisher's medals. Day #1, Ball #1, Day #2 Ball #2 etc. (as shown in picture above). If you want to mix and match the 8 races, just register for the 8 days 1/2 marathons. 

*Please note: If you are interested in the 4 day special bling (finisher's medal) or the Pool Ball medals you MUST register by 3/20 Otherwise you will receive a custom designed finisher's medal for each race that you complete (finisher's medal is shown in picture above below the pool ball medals). 
Other Details:
  • Bib pickup will be on race day at the start/finish line 30min prior to race start.
  • Course time limit for all distances is 7 hours (8am-3pm). 
  • If you need more time to finish your desired distance, please email the race director ( to coordinate an early start option :) 

As with all of Tracy’s Racing events, you can expect a warm, welcoming group of runners striving to achieve the same goal: becoming better runners.

Tracy’s Racing welcomes and encourages runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.