Crazy 8 Race Series:  By far our most popular event!


Can't make it out to San Francisco for our Race Series in California? 

We got you covered! Register for our remote/virtual version! Run where and when you want!  


Eight, Ocho, Ba, Octo, Otto, Acht, Oito, Huit, Osam

No matter how you say it - eight is a lot of races! Single race day option available as well for those who haven't "quite" lost it!

Here is how it works: 

To receive the pool ball medals shown in the picture, you register for the series.

Next. You have to EARN them by completing your races. You can choose between 5k, 10k, 13.1 or 26.2 Distances (Or any variation in between if you choose). You can do a 5k the first race, a half marathon the next race, and back down to a 5k the 3rd race etc. You can mix and match distances of each race. After you complete your race, upload your result here on the form below.  You will receive all 8 pool balls, and also a series finisher's medal.


Enter Results

Those of you wanting to only register for 1 race, can do that too. You will receive a custom finisher's medal designed for this event. It's not pool balls but a unique finisher's medal that is super cute! ;) 


If you are a facebook person, we encourage you to hop on over to the Crazy 8 Race series event page where participants will be posting pictures of their races, talking about where they are choosing to run their race remotely etc. 


Facebook Event Page




 Custom Designed Pool Ball Medals to those who register for all 8 races. (shown in picture below). You will receive balls 1-8. 


 Due to the nature of these medals (heavy and expensive to ship) We will not mail these out until you have completed all 8 races. You have as long as you need to complete all 8 races. Do them all at once (crazy) or spread them out a week, month etc. Those completing all 8 will also receive a series finisher's medal (shown below the pool balls medals below).


For single race day registrations you will receive a custom designed finisher's medal designed for this event they are not pool balls but 8 ball themed :) 

As you complete your races please post your results here. 


This is definitely for the "Certified Crazy" People! :) 

Please check back here before you complete your race to print out a bib to wear during your remote race. 


What about balls 9-15 you ask? Already Participated in the Crazy 8 and want more? Yeah we really can't believe it but there are many of you out there who have done the crazy 8 and CANT wait until we do the "Crazy 8 Double Edition" in Fall.... Here you go! Finisher's of the Crazy 8 Double will get balls 9-15 AND a Finisher's medal with the 8 ball logo design on it for day 8. We will also be sending out finisher's certificates to document your crazy adventure! 


Shown here is a Picture of Tony Nguyen who was our first Crazy 8 Double finisher! Congratulations Tony! 



 As with all of Tracy’s Racing events, you can expect a warm, welcoming group of runners striving to achieve the same goal: becoming better runners. Tracy’s Racing welcomes and encourages runners and walkers

 of all ages and abilities.