Run to benefit the victims of Boston
As the events of the Boston Marathon unfolded, our hearts go out to the runners, spectators, families, friends, staff and first responders who witnessed this horrific scene. While we can't bring back life or take the pain away from those suffering, we can help. All proceeds from this virtual/remote race will be donated to the families of the victims. Please join in on our Facebook event page where we will discuss and vote for options as to where we will donate the proceeds from this event. Our first mission is to provide activities for the victims in the hospital in the form of toys, games, puzzles, DVD's Books etc. You do NOT have to be a runner to join in on this fundraiser. All we ask you to do is walk, jog, bike, swim, or crawl a total of 2.6 miles in which you have until June 1st to complete. You can break your miles up over several days if you choose to. This is about raising $$ for the victims and families, we don't care how fast or slow you are. Everyone will receive a beautiful Souvenir in the form of a heart-shaped wooden Finisher's Medal. 


Participants have 30 days to complete their distance. Walk, run or crawl any distance you choose. You may do your distance all at once, or you may break it up into segments for those of you new to walking/running. 
Your choice of distance. 2.6 miles or above. 


Bling: A beautiful, custom designed finisher's medal using Boston's infamous Blue and Yellow colors will be awarded to each participant. If you wish to have all of your donation directed to the charity and not receive a finisher's medal please do not submit results and your $30 will go directly to the charity(s) selected. The medals will be made out of wood so they will have the look of a memento/souvenir rather than a fancy bling. The wood medals will state: Heart and Soles for Boston and there won't be a distance listed so that these will easily be handed out as a token to those affected that our hearts and soles honor them. 

We are also taking medal donations for the victims (My goal is to try to get a medal to as many of the kids that were affected as possible). If you would like to donate your medal, or participate and have your donation directly going to providing medals to the victims as "Bravery Awards" (especially to the children) than please click on the PayPal Donation button below. You can also just register and email me and let me know your intentions. If you do not want a medal being sent to you then do NOT enter a result and will assume that you want your donation going to the cause and we will NOT mail you a medal. 

The "Bravery Medals" that will be sent to the victims MUST be earned by someone in this group. They MUST complete 26.2 between now and June 1st, and enter their results in the "Bravery Medal" form. These medals are 2 1/2 inches around, silver in color and will have Blue and Gold neck ribbons with a custom design (like our event logo). There will be a note sent with the medals that in order that REAL people have completed 26.2 miles (the same distance as the Boston Marathon) in order to EARN this medal, which they have decided to donate to YOU. Please note: This Bravery Medal option is just that: An option. Please do not confuse it with the other event in which you register, complete at least 2.6 miles, and receive a wood medal sent to YOU. 

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After registering, please return here to enter your results and print your bib :) 

If you would to make a donation directly to the cause please use the link below.  100% of the donations will go directly to our cause (providing direct comfort to the victims who are injured and/or hospitalized). 

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